goldfish wisdom
nigel latta




This is my internet home. Here you’ll find a bunch of resources and information about many of the things people tend to ask me questions about.

What is Goldfish wisdom?

Goldfish wisdom is the wisdom of simple things, and simple things—at least in my humble opinion—may be the best chance we have. As the world becomes more and more complex, the need for simplicity becomes greater as well. But the thing is that simplicity doesn’t happen by accident. It takes work—and no living creature works harder to keep stuff simple than the humble goldfish. They float in their little bowls and watch us with a steady, uncomplicated gaze. They don’t do emails. They don’t have staff meetings.

They don’t get hung up about the trials and tribulations of life.

They just are.

Now, I’m not saying they’ve got everything worked out—because they do get flushed down the toilet quite a bit—but they really have mastered the fundamental axiom of keeping it simple. There is, I believe, a lesson in that for us all.