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The Psychology of Success - An Evening with Nigel Latta


When:      7.30pm, Wednesday 10 September, 2014

Where:     Westlake Boys High School, 30 Forrest Hill Road, Forrest Hill, Auckland

Tickets:    $25

Booking:   Click here to book online


What does it take to be successful in the modern world? How can we achieve the goals we set for ourselves in our professional and personal lives? How do we encourage our children to think about what they want to achieve in their own lives? And perhaps more importantly how do we help them to achieve those goals?

It turns out that it's all about mind set.

Nigel will take us on a 13.7 billion year journey to the lengths of the known universe and beyond with his unique and highly entertaining spin on science, parenting, personal opinion and penguins. He will also share the unlikely story of his own life, and the good - and bad - decisions he made along the way, complete with pictures of his various adventures. So whether you're in the business of business, of raising children or just the business of life, this is an evening that will entertain, enlighten and provoke. 

All proceeds from the evening will benefit Kenzie's Gift... so get in and book a ticket!

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Kenzie's Gift



Three years ago I became an Ambassador for Kenzie's Gift, an organisation set up by the truly amazing Nic Russell to improve the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children, young people and their families affected by cancer. I am incredibly proud to be an Ambassador for Kenzies Gift. It's important to heighten awareness of the need to support our children and young people when a family member is diagnosed with cancer. Kenzies Gift provides age appropriate, evidenced-based services delivered by registered professionals at a time when such support is desperately needed by children and their families. Kenzies Gift is an invaluable community resource and they need our help to grow and extend their services. If you'd like more information, or to find out how you can support the essential work that Kenzie's Gift are doing with young people and their families, then just click the link below.

Visit the website to find out more

What is goldfish wisdom?

standing tightcreditA long, long time ago some clever—and no doubt rather hairy soul—picked up a stick and decided that it could be used to do stuff with. Tools, good idea. Some time after that someone else discovered how to make fire. Also good. Then there was the wheel—great, very useful—and later shoes, the internal combustion engine, bikinis, toothpicks, and home theatre. All of these are good and useful things. Unfortunately, if we'd stopped with bikinis, toothpicks, and home theatre, we probably would have been okay.

But we didn't.

Now we have a world that is awash with experts on every conceivable thing from the endlessly shifting debate on whether daycare for children is a good thing or a very bad thing, to the ever growing fungus of new psychiatric diagnosis. There are legions of experts queuing up to tell us what's bad for us, what's wrong with us, and why we should and shouldn't do things.

So why goldfish wisdom? Simple. They sit in their little bowls and they watch us with a steady, uncomplicated gaze. We must all look a bit mad to them as we rush about answering phones, texting our loved ones, and trying to get the damn printer to work.

Goldfish wisdom is the wisdom of simple things, and simple things—at least in my humble opinion—may be the best chance we have.

Scattered around the website you'll also find photos I've taken over the years in different places on different adventures and random wanderings out there in the world.


Clinical Psychology

A lot of young people have been asking me how you get into this line of work. Here's some information about all that.

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