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Kenzie's Gift Parenting Talk



Come along to Westlake Boys High on October the 17th, 7.30pm for my new talk "Adventures in Parentland".

Happy, healthy, confident children is something all parents want… but getting there is sometimes a bit challenging. While we might be the same humans we’ve always been for the last hundred thousand years or so, the world itself has changed incredibly, and those changes are only going to speed up over the coming years. So how do we prepare our kids for living a good life in the modern age? In this entertaining, challenging, and thought provoking presentation Nigel will share insights gained over a career that spans over twenty years and has taken him all over the world in search of answers to all kinds of questions. He’ll cover everything from the parenting basics, to helping your kids plan for the future, and dealing with big issues like stress, anxiety, and depression. This is an evening full of real world solutions, for real world problems. 

Visit the website to find out more

What is goldfish wisdom?

standing tightcreditA long, long time ago some clever—and no doubt rather hairy soul—picked up a stick and decided that it could be used to do stuff with. Tools, good idea. Some time after that someone else discovered how to make fire. Also good. Then there was the wheel—great, very useful—and later shoes, the internal combustion engine, bikinis, toothpicks, and home theatre. All of these are good and useful things. Unfortunately, if we'd stopped with bikinis, toothpicks, and home theatre, we probably would have been okay.

But we didn't.

Now we have a world that is awash with experts on every conceivable thing from the endlessly shifting debate on whether daycare for children is a good thing or a very bad thing, to the ever growing fungus of new psychiatric diagnosis. There are legions of experts queuing up to tell us what's bad for us, what's wrong with us, and why we should and shouldn't do things.

So why goldfish wisdom? Simple. They sit in their little bowls and they watch us with a steady, uncomplicated gaze. We must all look a bit mad to them as we rush about answering phones, texting our loved ones, and trying to get the damn printer to work.

Goldfish wisdom is the wisdom of simple things, and simple things—at least in my humble opinion—may be the best chance we have.

Scattered around the website you'll also find photos I've taken over the years in different places on different adventures and random wanderings out there in the world.


Clinical Psychology

A lot of young people have been asking me how you get into this line of work. Here's some information about all that.

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